Stones & Gold is an online jewelry store established in 2013 with a singular vision to make fine jewelry both affordable and approachable.  We wanted to tear apart the stuffy image traditionally associated with fine jewelry and show the world how fun and colorful this side of the world can be.  Fine jewelry is truly a worthy investmentment because 1) it does not agitate the skin, 2) it will never tarnish or discolor, 3) it is an investment that does not depreciate like other pretty things in life. 

Sustainable and practical is our mantra.  In carefully creating and curating our unique fine jewelry, we want our jewelry to be an extension of who you are.  Whether it's in the surprising array of rainbow rays that is locked away in our opal rings that may be an expression that you are multi-dimensional and unafraid to shine beautifully back or in the lush green emerald rings that shows you are full of life, we want our wearers to tell their story with our baubles.   

All of our jewelry is created in-house here in sunny California, with the exception of gemstones and diamonds, which are mined from their respective origins.  We are actively engaged in every step of the process from hand-selecting the stone, creating the designs for each and every stone, and last but not least, setting the stone.  From the designing to setting, everything is handcrafted.  Yes, everything you see in our shop is made by us, where you may also customize your jewelry.  

None of our jewelry are nickel-plated, meaning if you are allergic to nickel, you do not have to worry about that with our products.  You would be surprised to learn how many jewelers nickel plate their fine jewelry to make the diamonds look whiter and cover some of gold’s natural blemishes.  Our difference is that we care about our clients and partners more than the purchase.  So we hope the love and labor we pour into our jewelry will bring you happiness for a very, very, long time.

Please never be afraid to ask about the REAL people behind the curtains of these website and drop a hello at  With over 750 five star reviews on our Etsy Shop and our website, we are always more than happy to help!