Aquamarine derives its name from Latin “aqua marinus” which means “water of the sea.” Consequently, gazing at an aquamarine is equivalent tothe mysteries of looking into the depth of a clear blue sea, and as freeing as staring up into the vibrant blue sky. No manmade color or tint can quite capture these exact shades of blue that only nature can produce. Luckily, nature has gifted us with a durable and hard stone that perfectly captures this ever so elusive shade. Aquamarine is the green-blue to blue variety of the mineral beryl, emerald being the green to bluish green variety of the same mineral. Known to flatter most every complexion and eye color, the aquamarine is an excellent gift to give to those precious in your life, including of course, yourself. Wearers of aquamarines are also known to benefit from gaining increased ability to reason with quick response time, and gentle courage to overcome confrontational situations.

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