SET: 2.7MM and 6MM Satin Finish Matching Wedding Bands Solid 14K Rose Gold (14KR) Modern Engagement Rings

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Bands exchanged between lovers engaged to be wed has been a long practiced tradition since ancient times. In Ancient Egypt, wedding bands were woven from plants that grew alongside the river Nile. Considering the expiratory nature of plants, unsurprisingly it was soon replaced by gold, that which would not tarnish or rust. 

The simple yet meaningful circle of the wedding band, eternal without a beginning or end, symbolizes and commemorates a couple’s promise of infinite love. 

Often favored by those with a more active lifestyle, and an absolute must for those desiring to mark their partner as exclusively theirs, this particular set of matching wedding bands is both distinctive and modern with its sandblasted satin finish exterior.

Product Details
Product Type : Ring
Item Number : SG000300S.R & SG000060S.R
Gold Details
Gram Weight : Mens Band 5.5-5.8G (Approx.) Womens Band 1.5-1.8G (Approx.)
Band Width : Mens Band 6.0MM (Approx.) Womens Band 2.7MM (Approx.)
Finish : Satin
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